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Audit ready

At Murdoch Associates we have an indepth understanding of the RSPO Audit specifications and all stages of the process .  As a qualified auditor, Judith knows how to align your business goals with the RSPO audit requirements.  


Our approach is very thorough and goes through the stages of Define, Design and Deliver.  The Define stage begins our collaboration and helps us ascertain what you are doing now and what you need to be doing, so we can move forward to a successful audit.  The Design stage is always specific to your business and the type of support you will need as you prepare for and audit.  The Deliver stage will support you all the way to audit with whatever support and guidance has been agreed on.


We are also on-hand during the audit for anything that might arise that can be rectified quickly with our knowledge and experience.

Read more about our Define, Design and Deliver approach below.



Firstly, we will take the time to fully understand your business requirements and deadline dates you are working toward. 


Using our comprehensive check-list we will work with you to understand where are you now and where you need to get to.  This will then enable us to define to right path to success for your business and make an action plan.

We will also gather an understanding of what documentation will be required for your teams, audit checklists and support levels


Once we have a clear definition of the specific business needs, we can then design a tailored package which can include online training modules, in person training seminars and/or one-2-one guidance with your sustainability manager.  


An overview of your package design will be sent to you, for your approval, before continuing into the Delivery phase.


We will agree deadline dates, responsibility and how you will work through the training/s and audit checklists.


We deliver your package of requirements in collaboration with you and in plenty of time to be ready for your audit.  


Our aim is always to make this as easy for you as possible so you feel empowered and knowledgable when it comes to your RSPO audit and beyond.


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