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The Sustainable Commodities Podcast tackles everything from the palm oil paradox to the cocoa conundrum.


The podcast series will raise awareness about the importance of sustainable commodities like palm oil, soya, cocoa and coffee and shine a light on good work done with sustainable commodities worldwide.

The podcast is a joint venture between sustainability marketing agency One Nine Nine and sustainable palm oil experts Judith Murdoch Associates.

Episode 1


How the incoming EU Deforestation Regulation will impact businesses and sustainable commodities?

We discuss the incoming EU Deforestation Regulation. The incoming 2024 legislation means that businesses importing, exporting or trading coffee, soy, wood, rubber, cattle and palm oil in the EU must demonstrate that these commodities haven’t come from land deforested since 2020. And it requires that there's full traceability for those commodities. The podcast discusses how this will be implemented and what it means for sustainable commodities.

Episode 2


Sustainable Palm Oil - The RSPO & EUDR


Ruben Brunsveld, the Deputy Director of EMEA for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil joins co-hosts Barnaby and Judith to talk about EUDR and sustainable palm oil. How ready are members for EUDR? Is RSPO certified sustainable palm oil compliant? How is the RSPO helping members to prepare for EUDR? How does the palm oil supply chain compare to other commodities? Will EUDR come in on schedule and in full?

Episode 3

Podcast 3

A catch-up with Manuel Davila about the EUDR


Manuel Davila, Managing Director of Daabon Europe and UK joins Judith and Barnaby to talk about sustainable palm oil, and the impact of upcoming deforestation legislation like EUDR and UKDD. Topics covered include the potential impact on price and availability of palm, how prepared the industry is for EUDR, the importance of sustainable palm oil, and the risks to smallholders worldwide.

Episode 4

Podcast 4

A catch-up with Rob Daykin of Daykin Partnership

This week, Judith and Barnaby are joined by animal feed and livestock farming expert, Rob Daykin, from Daykin Partnership.  Topics discussed include which sustainable commodities are used in animal feed, how upcoming legislation like EUDR and UKDD will impact on the supply chain in the UK, and the challenges facing livestock farmers in terms of sustainability, climate and costs.


With over 30 years experience and know-how in the animal feed and dairy industry, Daykin Partnership provides up to the minute statistics, data and insights, with animal welfare and sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Episode 5

podcast 5

A catch-up with Gary Lewis, Sales Director for KTC Edibles

This week, special guest Gary Lewis, President of National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA) and Sales Director for KTC Edibles, Britain’s largest independent manufacturer and distributor of edible oils, joins the podcast.


From sustainability and smallholders to price and supply, Gary talks to Judith and Barnaby about the impact of upcoming deforestation legislation in the EU and UK, and the challenges facing operators across the edible oils sector in the UK.

Expect discussions on palm oil, soya oil and rapeseed oil, as well as further insights into EUDR and UKDD.

If you like to be on the podcast or have a suggestion for who you would like hear on the podcast, then let us know.


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